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The Impact of Non-cognitive Skills on Outcomes for Young People: Literature Review (Institute of Education, University of London, 2013)


Rapid literature review intended to summarize the existing evidence on how ‘non-cognitive skills’ can be defined and measured assess the evidence that such skills have a causal impact on later outcomes and the role of select interventions that aim to improve non-cognitive skills in children and young people. Among the key findings in the review are: non-cognitive skills have an impact on positive outcomes for young people, but causal evidence of impact on long-term outcomes is so far limited evidence is strongest in relation to skills underpinning academic outcomes. The review highlights areas where further research is needed, in particular, experimental evidence on how leadership, coping skills, and pupils’ engagement with school has a substantial causal effect on other outcomes and how skills can be transferred between areas of a young person’s life, and how far changes can be sustained in the long term.

Download: The impact of non-cognitive skills on outcomes for young people: Literature review (Institute of Education, University of London 2013 prepared by Gutman, Leslie Morrison and Schoon, Ingrid)