Life Skills and Citizenship Education Initiative
Middle East and North Africa
مبادرة تعليم المهارات الحياتية والمواطنة
الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا


A Human Rights-Based Approach to Education for All (UNESCO and UNICEF, 2007)

A Holistic and Integrated Approach to Values Education for Human Development. Building on the UN Statement of Common Understanding on a Human Rights-based Approach to Development cooperation, the document addresses the right to education as well as rights within education, including human rights education itself. The document provides a framework for policy and programme development from the level of the school up to the national and international levels. While the predominant focus of the document is on primary basic education and child rights within education, the document is based on the EFA goals and situated within life-cycle and lifelong learning approaches.

Download: A Human Rights-Based Approach to Education for All (UNESCO-UNICEF 2007)