Life Skills and Citizenship Education Initiative
Middle East and North Africa
مبادرة تعليم المهارات الحياتية والمواطنة
الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا


Skills for Health. Skills-based health education including life skills: An important component of a Child-Friendly/Health-Promoting School. Information Series on School Health No. 9 (WHO, 2003)

This document introduces school-based strategies of health promotion to foster physical activity. While the concepts introduced in this document apply to all countries, some of the provided examples and strategies might be more relevant to certain countries than to others. It is also recognized that environmental conditions, such as technical and societal issues in the school, community and family, might not be ideal and affect the extent to which physical activity interventions can be implemented. However, a Health-Promoting School strives to improve those conditions and fosters interventions related to physical activity even in less than ideal situations.